How do I change or add an email address?

  • If you have an existing email address or mobile phone number:
  1.   Sign in to “Telenor ID”. 
  2.   Go to “Sign-in options > Email addresses” 
  3.   Enter the new email address, repeat the new email address in the next field, then click on “Save”. 
  4.   We will send you a verification email with a verification link in it. Click on the link to verify your new email address.
  • If you are unable to sign in but still want to change your email address, please contact Customer Support.

Note: You can add more than one email address. After you have added your email addresses, remember to choose which one you would like as your primary email address. For example, if you need to reset your password later, we will send a reset link to your primary email address.

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